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Effective Digital Marketing Strategies For Life Insurance

Modern-day buyer is smart and likes to buy online. Purchasing anything online including life insurance gives an opportunity to better understand, compare, and make an informed choice of a life insurance plan. The customers these days like to do their research before making an investment. Online portals like offer quick and smart tools to compare different policies and providers to make a wise selection. Also, the customer is interested in an easy, sophisticated, and seamless experience. To address all these challenges and needs not only some random steps for marketing but a well thought of a strategy to implement those steps. It is important to impress the customers and convince them to put their money into your plans. The following steps give you a strategic plan to market your life insurance policies.

  • Craft an impressive website

The first interaction of a customer with your company is through your website. You have to design it to ensure that the visitor is attracted and held with a few seconds on your landing page. Create a website that is user-friendly and fast. It has to be secured and should allow the user an easy access by any device including mobile phones and tablets.

  • Build your audience with SEO

To get an opportunity to interact with your customers you need to be found. This is where SEO helps you. More than 90 percent of users begin their policy hunt through search engines. You have to make sure that you appear on the first page of the search results. SEO helps you get a higher position in the results for the most frequent searches the customers generally use.

  • Create informative blogs

The website is a place to showcase the plans you offer and describe its key benefits. However, it cannot effectively project your knowledge and authority on the topic. Blogs give you a chance to connect with your potential clients, build trust, and present you as a global resource of information on life insurance. These are quite effective in converting readers into potential clients.

  • Invest in ‘deer in headlights’ responses

Life insurance is something that people are not commonly aware of and is often overwhelming for them. The ‘deer in headlights’ strategy has been used for ages to attract people towards overwhelming topics. You need to keep it simple. Refrain from giving too many options on your website, incorporate an interactive guide and comparison tools on the website, or embed short videos to explain the types and key differences between different life insurance plans.

  • Consider video marketing

Most people prefer videos to learn about new things including life insurance. Videos are more convenient and can convey a lot in a small time with greater effectiveness. You can create ‘how-to’ videos or other informative videos grab the users’ attention. Testimonials form your present clients are highly effective in building trust. Such videos feature real people who share their real experiences which are more convincing. You can also utilize these videos to show your responsiveness towards society. Contributing to social issues is also an important thing that can impress and build trust for your company. It is an excellent way to create and project your brand.


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